Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random updates.

  • My robot project has stalled somewhat, I just need to set aside time for it. It's been on the verge of awesome for several months.
  • I'm working on a new website, that I hope will let me be more involved with the maker/tinkerer community. 
    • Not ready for prime time yet
    • I've never really done heavy website work before, if Drupal/PHP/css can even be considered "heavy". 
    • rest assured, unwashed masses, this blog isn't going away. I still have a goal of one post per week, though rarely ever meet that goal. 
  • I recently invested in a Laser Cutter, that should, along with my CNC mill/printer, really let me make stuff I never thought possible a few years ago.
  • I'm helping my wife with her first microcontroller project, yes it involves blinking LED's :)
  • I'm currently building my own "Little Wire" AVR programmers, I want to make some quick and dirty no-fuss bulk programmers maybe.
    • I got the idea for this post when going back to my Indictron post, to check how I wired up the USB (I can't get enough detail from the blog pictures, I'll have to dig into my private notes.) I still use the build monitor at work, though it's been having PC software side issues lately.