Attention Makers and Manufacturers

Dear Bytecruft fan,

Do you have a hardware or software product that is relevant to "Makers" or hacking that you would like reviewed? Contact me. I'm looking to expand my blog with honest reviews and possibly videos about things Bytecruft readers would find interesting.

If you have a crowd-funded or garage project invention you want to get the word out on, I want to help!

The terms:

All products under $250 US in value will not be returned. If you if have a product above $250 you would like returned, you must provide funding for all return shipping, customs fees, etc.

All reviews and or unboxing photos video materials and other media remain the intellectual property of Anibit Technology LLC, and may not be used without permission, though you will likely be given permission to use if you request it.

All reviews are the honest opinion and feedback of the reviewer. Monetary payments for reviews will not be accepted, and this is not a solicitation for "paid endorsements". There is no guarantee that a review will be "positive". There is no guarantee of depth or length of content of review. Review content will be editorialized for scope and length as deemed appropriate for readers and for the product. Products that require extensive setup or time may be rejected.

Due to scheduling constraints, reviews and videos could take up to 2 months to be posted. If you have time constraints, please make that clear in your initial contact.

If you are in pre-release and would like content embargoes are certain aspects of the project NDA, I can do that too, as long as it is made explicit before receipt of materials. You will not have the right to pre-review and/or censor any information in the review that was not enumerated beforehand.

I this sounds like something you're looking for, email me at Important: you MUST include "[Product Review]" in your subject line, or your email will be ignored or marked as spam.

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