Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rant time, a very special episode of Bytecruft.

It's rant time..

I know it's so usual for us nerd/engineering types to get cranky online about something, so this may come as a shock....

I came across a post today on Hack a Day today about a guy who got the .Net Micro Framework running on a STM32F4 Discovery Board, something I have done, and briefly mentioned here.

Original link.

Mr [Singular Engineer] did a fantastic write up by the way, I wish that had existed when I was trying to get up and running, it sounds like his experience was slightly smoother than mine.

Anyways, as I read the comments section on the Hack a day article, I felt compelled against better judgement, to reply to some of the general criticisms against the .Net Micro framework. As my reply grew in the volume of prose, I thought, maybe it would be better presented on my blog. So here ya go:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Robot update.

I haven't posted in a while. The lulls usually happen when I'm busy. I've failed you, my adoring fans, and for that I blame... um squirrels..

I have been happily jamming away for the past couple months on my robot, Zaethira. (Which is a concatenation of my kids' and wife's names, and happens to sound geek awesome, the geekiness of the whole is greater than the geek sum of the parts).

Anyway, I could have written a 20 page blog post about how things are coming along, but I think a diagram does a much better job. I made the below because I needed to get a handle on where I needed to focus and what I planned to do. This diagram made me realize how flipping complex this project is.