Sunday, January 19, 2014

Introducing Anibit

I started this blog in part to document my hobby work, and hopefully provide ideas or inspiration to others.

A lot of work that I've done lately has been on something I wasn't ready to blog about... until now.

I'm starting a new website, devoted to hobby electronics and programming, and hope for it to become more than just a website, I'd like to use it to be a more substantial presence, and a greater contributor to the community, by publishing code, tutorials, and designs, as well as hosting forums and of course, I'd love to make my hobby, self funding, so it will feature a store, where I'll sell my original products, as well as resell other product of interest to the makers and programmers out there.

Without further delay:

Anibit Technology:

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I plan to release most, if not all, of the code for the work I do on Github at: