Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Project - "Knock Back"

I've been working on a little side project to keep up with the latest technologies. Sometimes my consulting work (#1 - 10 in the top ten reason I don't blog as much anymore) keeps me working on somewhat less than "cutting edge" technologies. You gotta work on what people want to pay for, sometimes doesn't always align with the latest cool toys.

I've been wanting to sink my coding chops into Xamarin for a long time, and I had some opportunities in my consulting, but I couldn't exactly train up on my client's dime.

I started a couple months ago on a new game using Xamarin, since I wanted to focus on Xamarin, and not spend a lot of time on 3D content and rendering code design, I made a simple 2D board game. I also wanted to do some intern-device communications work, so I made it multiplayer. I will write about it a little in future posts. I had a slight workload lull recently for the first time in almost 3 years, so I decided to make a push to get it marginally playable.

I have and Android, iOS, and UWP ("Universal Windows Platform") version of the app, though the Android version has the most attention at the moment. Eventually I will release the UWP version for Windows 10 & XBox One, but for now I only have the Android version published.

It is still really rough around the edges at this point, but basic multiplayer using Android "Near By", as well as single player modes against AI are fully playable.

Check it out: