Thursday, March 13, 2014


Whew. I've been spending alot of time on my "Sister site". I thought I would have had more time to blog about Fun StuffTM by now. There is so much work behind the scenes that you need to do to launch a site like I want to do. I enjoy it, the supporting work, but it's all still more of the means to an end, I'm enjoying the journey, but I'm looking forward to the destination.

I have to say one stark lesson I've already learned is "Just because you've built it, doesn't mean they'll come". I have very little traffic to my site, and website traffic generation ranks substantially below marketing in requisite business development activities as far as my interests go. I know there are thousands or tens of thousands of people out there that would be interested in the site, but how do I connect with them? Part of building a catalog of existing parts was to attract a regular audience/demographic interested in hobby electronics. That, and other content I have planned (in the next phase, starting soon) would make Anibit bookmark/Feedly-subscription-worthy site.

But I get the feeling, given metrics to date, that there's more needed that just throwing content up and hoping for people to find it. Yet, I don't know what that thing is. My traffic to Anibit so far is dismal, especially if you cull the traffic generated by my personal Social Networking friends(lot of my hits cluster in places I or my family have lived). I supposed I should keep it in perspective (starting a business requires a healthy does of that). Self-bootstrapping with cash on hand like I am doing requires a lot of patience, and the experiences I've had while doing it so far have almost all been rewarding and overwhelmingly positive.