Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I jumped from a plane last week....

....figuratively speaking, of course. (I'm not crazy! Well maybe a little)

Last week, I ended my employment at my "day job", to work full time on and building a consulting business. It's very exciting, and I'll admit, a little scary. I'm going to be adding a lot of services to (and I'll add a "hire me" sidebar pane to this blog soon).

It's been a dream of mine to run my own company for a long time. I'm not getting any younger, and I plan to die with no regret for something I never got around to. The timing for me personally is as close to perfect as it gets, which is to say not really perfect, but pretty good.

I've also always wanted to do pod-casting and video production. I've started a daily podcast, but I'm in "practice mode" right now, because I need to work on my "radio voice"(I say 'um' in between every other sentence). I've also played around with producing some screencast tutorials, also not ready for prime time. I'm also now in "fail fast" mode on  Kickstarter project that I've been cultivating for 6 months in what little free time I had. I'll go public with those details soon.

Wish me luck in these exciting times, expect to see more frequent updates here, and on Anibit's website. And if you have any Windows desktop, Android, or AVR/ARM cotrex applications you would like developed, give me a shout at[at symbol]gmail[dot symbol]com