Hire me!

My company, Anibit Technology, LLC, is available for hire!

Checkout the Anibit Technology Consulting services site.

Let us help you with your infrastructure or your next project. Individuals, large companies, start-ups, short term jobs or long term, we can just about do it all.

Do you have an Arduino-based project that you don't know how to begin? Do you have an Arduino-based project that you can't get to work? Would you like to build a Desktop front-end for your controller firmware? Drop us a note!

Some of the things we can do for you:

Software development.

Embedded Development

  • Arduinos, or "plain vanilla" AVR microcontrollers. Firmware, bootloaders, motor control, sensor processing, and more!
  • ARM Cortex-M family of processors, RTOS integration, embedded frameworks, virtual machines.
  • Raspberry Pi, Python/C++ development under Linux.

Desktop Development

  • Windows desktop software, in C++, in C# with graphical user interfaces, 3D rendering in visualization. Computational geometry, and inter-device communication.
  • Simulation and visualization
  • Small utilities.

Mobile Development

  • Android applications, User interfaces, 3D rendering with OpenGL, Social media and cloud communication.
  • Inter-device communications
Whether you want us to write an entire application form scratch, or just need some small changes or even just expert advice, Get in touch!


  • Are you a non-native English speaking firm, and would like help with American culture in technology? We can proofread for style and content. 

Contact Form

To get in touch with my company, simply use the form on Anbit. You can also send an email to anibit dot technology at gmail dot com.  It is very important if you send an email to that address that you include "development" in the subject line, or it may be taken as junk mail. Thanks!

* - by 'almost' we mean that Anibit is a small company, so we can not write a million line application in 12 months, silly!

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