Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Socially awkward.... Facebook musings...

I'm working on an Android app (A game, I can't release details yet for legal reasons)..

I did professional Java development back in the day, but I had not done much with it in years, I miss a lot about C# and C++ when coding in Java, but I cannot say the converse is true. (ok, inner classes are a neat trick ,but like virtual functions I wish they weren't the default behavior)

One feature I want in my app will be social media interaction. Twitter integration was pretty straightforward. Twitter4j rocks. Facebook, on the other hand, has been somewhat of a pain. Maybe it's that the new API is so new, maybe it's that I haven't used JSON before, maybe it's that their documentation is scant and geared to Javascript/php devs), anyways, all I really want to be able to do is post to a users wall. I don't want to muck up my personal feed with developer test posts...  FB has a "test user" api, but it is currently only accessible via the api, so I'd have to write a bunch of code to create test users, and my 10 minutes of experimentation gave me back some unfamiliar oauth errors that gave me a sinking feeling that that could be a project until itself....

So I made a test FB account, with an email address I've had forever but never use. FB still suggested my wife and a few coworkers as "people you may know". (Freaky!)  I hard time finding myself though.(note to self, there are a boatload of <me>'s out there). I had to trace through the friends lists of the suggested friends. Funny thing is that it didn't list me as friends with some people that are on my friends list. I wonder why that is.

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