Thursday, September 12, 2013

Complexity. Ambition. Progress.

What is the inclination many of us have to take on more than we can handle?

I have a really cool project I've been working on, that I'm not quite ready to reveal. It's turned out to be more ambitious that I originally thought, although I am making decent progress and achieving some things I doubted would be possible.

Is it that we overestimate our abilities, our speed, or that we have an inherent desire to avoid underachieving by aiming too low? My gut says.... well never mind what my gut says, it's always hungry, and rarely expresses anything appropriate for mixed company. My head says that we're simply just poor estimators, and there's probably tons of blogs and expert on the web that agree. What has really consumed a lot of the time on this project, were some of the mundane things that I didn't really consider, such as spending a week tracking down errors due improper CPU registers.

It seems that as some of my home hobby projects get more ambitious, and by definition more cool, I'm spending longer and long in between completed projects, with more time spent in the "this is going to be magical one day" phase. I definitely think after my current project I need a few short and sweet ones, to get that gratification of having achieved magic.


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