Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eggbot hack

I was preparing today for an upcoming Eggbot demonstration, when I noticed a lot of play in the pen arm.

This wooden piece had a lot of play because it had
loosened from the bushing it was glued to.

I was able to carefully remove the bushing, and re-apply some glue. I wasn't convinced it would hold, so I secured the set pin of the bushing in place with respect to the wood with some Shapelock.

The metal had some play in it, causing a slight instability
in the pen holder arm position.

That white stuff is the Shapelock.

Well see if this works. I do worry slightly about the stress on that curved piece of wood, it seams feasible that it could be a weak point in the transfer of torque. Luckily in normal operation, the torque is probably minimal. It is only when I inadvertently try to turn the arm past its limits there could be a problem.

Time will tell. For the time being, it works great.


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