Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better Blogging.

I realize now that I should be using jumps in my blog posts. It's one of those features of other blogs I've appreciated for years without realizing it was happening. I added them to my existing posts, the only problem is that they weren't really authored with jumps in mind.

I also just discovered the "view" feature in Blogger. The "Sidebar" view (, I think, is actually a better way to view a blog than one monolithic page.Though, when I get better with the jumps that should help also.

Also, I tried manually making a "Page 1, Page 2", link-menu thing with related posts. I think a better idea is to use project tags for that...

In other news...
My Android app is coming along nicely, and I got permission from my employer to publish it. Time to start working on some posts about it.

My Homemade Touch Mechanism used in the Good Times timer generated some interest, I'll clean up the code and package it up. I definitely plan to use it again anyways, so it would be nice to make it general purpose. This probably wont happen until my game is out, so maybe sometime in early summer.


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