Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Junk" mail

I order stuff from time to time from Jameco Electronics. That's put me on their mailing list for marketing email as well as their paper catalogs. I'm pretty "spam" averse, and regularly delete even emails I'd signed up to receive. When I'm getting close to a new hobby budget cycle, or I have a project I need parts for, I start holding on to the emails form companies I've bought from in the past. I actually read some of them, looking for specials or deals. Jameco actually seems to do a good job of making marketing emails entertaining to read(which, I suppose is the point of good marketing). 

Anywho, I spotted this in a Jameco email today:

Out of Work and Not Sure Why
By: Greg Harris

I recently exchanged a few emails with a Jameco customer from Redding, California and thought his was a story worth sharing. We know our customers have great technical capabilities, but when life throws curve balls, sometimes engineering skills are just not enough.

Bruce was clearly born into technology. He had been earning a living designing things since the age of 19, but forty years later he found himself unemployed and wondering if he was still employable. He faced a challenge that couldn’t simply be fixed by plugging in a soldering iron.
If you are facing career challenges, drop me a note with your name, what type of job you are looking for, what makes you unique (one sentence), your city, state and email address. We’ll publish a list of smart people in next month’s newsletter with the hope of making a connection in the Jameco community.

Greg Harris

I must say, I was moved by the altruism and seeming care for the community displayed by this. I'm lucky to have a job, and one of my biggest fears is one day not being able to provide for my family, much less having a little extra scratch for my nerd hobbies. 

I like to gripe a lot in life about things that don't truly matter in the "grand scheme"; I just wanted to counter that by calling out something really positive when I saw it. This isn't an endorsement of any sort of Jameco as a parts supplier, I just think Mr. Harris, or someone who works for him, did a good thing :) Kudos.


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