Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost Live

My game, unless something goes wrong at the last minute, will get submitted to the Android Market this weekend. It's far from "done", but I think it is a solid "Beta" level app. All the planned features are mostly working.

I figured it was about time I opened up a little more about it....

Without any fanfare, here is:


Sedition. Lots to shoot.


Consider this the informal sneek preview :) These screen shots aren't very great, it was hard to get some without tearing. (Maybe I can change something with the render surface to avoid that....) I took these on an Archos 32 Internet tablet. That device also has issues sometimes taking screen captures with the SDK tools. I'll grab some better ones later. I actually need some for publishing on the Market :)

 I still need to make some more levels (it will have 100, I'm up to 30, but I'll get a lot of re-use), there are many sound effects missing still; I'm long over-due for a good optimization pass; there are a few logic glitchs; and the tutorial needs a lot of work. Also, I'm targeting Android 2.2+, but I wold like to take advantage of one 2.3+ feature when I'm running on 2.3, namely the better screen orientation handling API in 2.3.


P.S. Ok, I lied, there is one planned feature that is not even started yet, powerups. To be fair though, I didn't originally intend to have any sort of powerup system, it was my son's suggestion, so it was added late.

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