Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wifi Links.

I haven't made any progress on the Wifi project lately. I've been on a pseudo-vacation for the past week.

In case you've landed here from Google with an interest in the MRF24WB0MA Wifi board from Microchip, I've got  few interesting projects I've run across you may find interesting.

"Jeff", trying(unsuccessfully?) to get the board working with an Arduino:

"Manis B", got a webserver running on an Arduino with the board:
(Also, really nice, pragmatic setup with connecting the pads, made me realize my mount was overkill - but fun)

"Blondihacks", did extensive experimentation with the board with an Atmega 168:
(Also, a fantastically done write-up, even though she deems it "a failed experiment")

And last but not least, one for my favorite blogs, Dangerous Prototypes, recently posted about a MCW1001A chip that is a companion to the MRF24WB0 boards that implements the TCP stack for you and communicates via UART:


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