Monday, August 18, 2014

New Domain

I'm trying out Google's new Domain service. It seems Blogger is a little paranoid and throws up a ton of "redirect" warnings. I'm hoping that The Goog figures out that both services are their own, and it's the same person linking this blog to Either that, or I've got something horribly configured.

I swear by Oden, I shall return to this blog in full strength.

In the mean time, enjoy the fruits of my recent tinkering with Javascript. I'm certain that I probably made a lot of js faux pas, but hey, it's Javascript, the business casual programming language. I want to build a lot of "nano" tools or interactive demos, and using the browser is the best way to get the widest reach. Once I get a little more of a command of it, I think I'll switch to something like TypeScript or Dart.

I'm pretty sure that you'll run into issues if you use anything but the latest browsers, I didn't do any testing of old browsers, and probably will always target the latest stable browsers.

I wrote a calculator tool for determining the target address for an AVR microcontroller relative jump instruction. The motivation was personal, I've spent a lot of time recently staring at hex dumps from AtTiny devices, I wrote a bootloader (more on that in a future post), and debugging it involved memory dumps of a lot of dynamically generated rjmp instructions. (AtTiny device do not have hardware support for bootloaders, so you have to fake it in software). I got tired of calculating it by hand, so I wrote a spreadsheet, and thought, "If I could write it in a web app, it would be there forever, and I'd always have access to it".

Check it out at:


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