Saturday, April 11, 2015


I feel like a kid who waited until the last minute to do that book report for school, and realized he should have actually read the book.

US Income tax filings are due on April 15th for the prior year. My income for Anibit sales is not organized in a way the makes it easy to come up with a net taxable income, so I have to manually pour over all sales for last year to come up with the proper figures. The worst part of it is that while I have the cost basis (ie, the part of gross sales that were not profit) data, I don't have an easy way to collate it, so I'm going to have to wear out the numpad on my computer with a bunch of spreadsheets. All of this will actually amount to a very small amount for Uncle Sam. Anibit's sales last year were nothing to write home about (more on that in a future post).  I just really need to avoid overpaying what I owe, which is what would happen if I don't comb through all the sales.

This could possible be avoided if my Anibit's software had a little more in the way of reporting tools, but I understand it's a very hard thing to do since you can't really make a blanket formula for how tax accounting should work.

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