Friday, April 17, 2015

I SPI with my little eye...

If you're trying to work with SD cards on a microcontroller setup you designed yourself, there's a good chance you have to write the low-level SPI drivers.

This page:

Was indispensable for me recently when trying to figure out why I could not read an SD card. It turned out that an on-board regulator for one of my parts was expecting 5 Volts, so when supplied with 3.3 Volts,  it was supplying ~2.3 Volts to the SD card, and it was not operating reliably. Once I told the SD card to operate on 2.7-3.3V, it would stop responding.

I placed a serial print statement in my low-level "spi-send-byte" function that printed the byte transmitted and the byte received, and it let me follow along the initialization sequence outlined in the above link and see where things went screwy.


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