About Me

Hi, my name is Jon Wolfe. Google says there is apparently an American Country Music singer with my same name. That is not me.

I'm a software developer by day, and a Maker by night. I've worked in the defense industry, CAD related software, Video Games (I worked on this and published my own best game ever for Android), and a video processing company. I now work for a famous company that makes mapping and navigational devices. I have  a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

I live in fantastic, if not a little too quiet, Cary North Carolina with my beautiful bride of 11 years Kira, and my two sons.

I have a large goldfish that thinks she's a dog.

I like to make things. I want to help others make things. I have a website for that: Anibit.com


  1. Hi Jon Wolfe.
    This is Zoe from Seeed Studio. I am impressed by your maker sharing and interest in open source hardware.

    We are going to promote our products in order to support the education community. Is it possible to talk with you and listen to your ideas about this?

    my contact is zoe.ho#seeedstudio.com

  2. Thanks Zoe,

    It's a good think you are vigilant, and tracked me down via other channels! I get so few non-spam comments on this blog, that they are very easy to miss.

  3. HI, Your atom links (at least) aren't working anymore, after some change to your own domain?

  4. Karl, thanks for the heads up! I still think I have something not setup right with the new domain or with blogger. Sure enough, it's broken in my personal feedly too. I wanted the transition to be seamless, with both urls working, but it doesn't seem like that's working. I'll see what I can do to fix it.

  5. Ok, I think I have it fixed now, but the bad news is that I think the old atom/rss feed links are permanently gone. The new domain is using Google Domains, and interestingly, Blogger's instructions lack instructions for Google Domains. I deleted my domain settings and re-entered exactly as the were before, it it seems to work differently now. (except the old Feedburner feed url seems totally gone). The proper atom feed going forward is : http://www.bytecruft.com/feeds/posts/default though as I write this, feedly's DNS servers seem to be looking in the wrong place.

  6. Nevermind. It's still not working. After some research, I have a feeling that I may have run into a bug in Blogger. It never gives me some of the configuration options that the instructions say it should. The internet says this is a bug that happens on blogger from time to time. :(. I'll have to contact Blogger tech support.

  7. It's fun to read my "about" from years ago. Kira and I have now been married for almost 16 years, It's been 4 years since I left Garmin, and I *Still have* that goldfish who is blind with cataracts and is entering her 10th year as my favorite pet fish.


I welcome you're thoughts. Keep it classy, think of the children.